STOP THE HATE: Understanding Race and Racism – Can We All Get Along?”


The purpose of this workshop enhances students’ capacity to identify their own personal strengths and challenges as well as learn to lead other people through building resiliency skills, positive identity and self-esteem, and positive decision making.  This workshop seeks to reduce risky behaviors among middle and high school youth by challenging them from engaging in risky behaviors and encouraging youth to take control of their own learning, decision making, and future.

Through this culturally competent workshop participants will develop resiliency skills through their participation in the varied activities, demonstrate positive attitudinal change regarding school, their peers, and parents, and will have increased their self-esteem.   


Race, Culture and Ethnicity is often misunderstood and used interchangeably in our society.  But what exactly is Race, Culture, and Ethnicity?  How does it Race, Culture, and Ethnicity show up in our communities, our schools, and our classrooms?  What affects does Race, Culture, and Ethnicity have on teaching and learning?


In this workshop we will examine ways in which we can appreciate the differences between people and reduce discrimination.  Youth will learn the true history of Race in the United States, discuss on the impacts of discrimination, and brainstorm solutions to heal the racial divides in our country.  In addition, this workshop will shift the focus to the resiliency and strengths of those who face discrimination and how we can all build ally-ship.


This workshop offers ways to prevent and understand negative body image by examining harmful messages presented in the media and common attitudes and myths in society at large.  Youth will also explore how negative body image and low self-esteem can be linked with unhealthy behaviors such as disordered eating and over-exercising, risk-taking and the impact on mental wellness.  Youth will discuss how they can feel better about their bodies and learn skills to support others.


This interactive workshop focuses on effective communication skills.  Youth will explore passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive communication styles as well as the negative impacts of rumors and gossip through lecture, role-play, and multimedia. Youth will have the opportunity to practice how to respectfully use assertive communication and attentive listening skills.