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    Helping Others Prepare for Excellence Through Speaking, Workshops, and Retreats


    Cornelius Rish is a renown public speaker who has spoken to schools, businesses, and community organizations as well as at …


    HOPEducation’s workshops are Experiential, Interactive, Culturally Competent, Life-changing events that are guided by best practices and research.


    Cornelius Rish is a leading Retreat Facilitator. Cornelius has participated in hundreds of mini-retreats (3 to 5 hours)and multiple-day retreats.


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Welcome To HOPE Education Consulting

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HOPEducation Consulting offers classroom teaching, staff development, youth and adult workshops, youth and adult, retreats, and public speaking services.

HOPEducation Consulting also serves the business community by presenting topics ranging from increasing productivity to topics around equity and diversity in the workplace.

HOPEducation Consulting recognize that all schools, church groups, and business are not the same and have unique challenges they would like to address.  As a result, HOPEducation offers CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS to meet your needs.

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About HOPEducation

HOPEducation Consulting was founded by Cornelius Rish in 2007.  “HOPE” means Helping Others Prepare for Excellence. HOPEducation is grounded on my Cornelius’ 24 years of experience in education of classroom teaching, coaching sports, directing plays and musicals, facilitating youth groups, presenting staff development, and speaking at local and national conferences.  Cornelius created HOPEducation Consulting to share his vast knowledge and experience with students and other educators in an effort to improve teaching, learning, leadership, and decision-making.

Cornelius Rish is known to be an excellent public speaker, actor, facilitator, and Masters of Ceremonies.  Cornelius is known to captivate and engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Cornelius can create presentations, workshops, and activities for youth groups, community organizations, businesses, or church organizations.online essay writeronline paper writeressay writing service